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Company profile
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Currently, Shanghai Techengin Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Set Co., Ltd. boasts the production capacity of mould, injection moulding, printing, thermal bonding, ultrasonic welding, and is capable of providing precise plastic mould, plastic parts and accessories as well as other production matching services for the domestic automobile main unit factories, and providing quality services for the data acquisition and product development for the design terminal of client. The products of the company cover the engineering plastic products such as automobile security system, fuel system, skylight system, steering wheel system, internal and external ornaments, and features manufacturing and assembling ability. With over 20 years of efforts, the company has become the qualified supplier of the domestic and foreign famous brands due to high quality and considerate service with high praise from users. 

The company has strict enterprise management and quality assurance system, and the entire process of mould designing and manufacturing adopts the CAD/CAE/CAM digital systems. The company strictly follows the management system and standards of the automobile industry, insists on the principle of “Quality First and Client First”, and passed the ISO/9001 quality system certification in June 1998 and ISO/TS16949 Quality System Certificate in August 2003. Additionally, the company possesses the professional and experienced staffs team, and is entitled as the “Key and Backbone Enterprise of Precise Plastic Mould in Shanghai”, is the education and training base of Engineering Plastic Mould Manufacturing and Moulding Technology confirmed by the Shanghai General Union Staffs Vocational Association, and Teaching Base of Industry, University and Research of University of Engineering Science  with contribution for the development of the mould industry in Shanghai. 
Facing the opportunity to the mould manufacturing enterprise with the high speed development of the Chinese automobile industry, the company has expanded  the mould plant, introduced the Japanese MAKINO/F3 high speed processing center and fully automatic CNC electric discharge machine, updated a lot of manufacturing equipments including 2-color moulding equipments. The company is devoted to applying the high and new technologies for mould production; 1. Adoption of high speed and automatic cutting and processing technologies; 2. CAD/CAM/CAE integration; 3. ERP system management for the production process; 4. Automatic production of precise injection moulding mould; 
The company boasts domestic leading 2-color moulding technology and has successfully tackled the world difficulty of 2-color belt buckle housing. 
With high investment in labor and materials for interpedently developing new products, the company has successfully developed various automobile supplies, and awarded 6 state patents, among which, the “Portable Recreational Chair” awarded the Shanghai 23rd “Gold Medal of Outstanding Invention Competition”. The company was appraised as the “Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relation”, “Star-Rated Outstanding Staff’s Home”, “Worker’s Pioneer” and “Model Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relation” by the Jiading District General Labor Union, and the “Key and Backbone Enterprise of Precise Plastic Mould in Shanghai” certificate, and has awarded the cups and certificates of “Outstanding Supplier” by clients for several times due to the common efforts of all staffs. 

The company will constantly make effort, constantly innovate and promote the progress of the company with technical innovation, strive for developing the transition road of injection mould design, producing and successive products manufacturing basing on the different development.

 Macro, Innovation, Swift, Humble, Team 

Shanghai Techengin Machinery&Electronics Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Meili High Technology Co., Ltd.established in January 1993, settling in Liuxiang Industrial Development Zone, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, and is specialized in manufacturing precise injection moulding mould and precise engineering plastic parts, and provides quality services for the manufacturers in automobile and electronics fields.  

Specialize in the development of engineering plastic parts and accessories for automobile system 
The company adopts modern management and fulfills all-around quality management system, and passed the ISO/TS16949:2002 and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certification certified by Austria OQS in August 2003. Currently, the company possesses injection moulding, mould precise processing equipments such as the world class CNC processing center, EDM electric discharge machine, precise injection moulding machine with processing and assembling abilities such as professional screen printing and transfer printing. The company will be devoted to the development and manufacturing of automobile plastic parts and accessories as well as peripheral products, and strive for better services for customers in the aspects of precise injection mould and moulding technology, plastic parts surface treatment, coating processing and so on .  

Quality Policies: Client’s Satisfaction, Constant Improvement, Total Quality Management 
Enterprise Vision: Development --- being the first sample in the industry 
               Broadness --- developing related extended industries 
               Permanence --- eternal and quality operation 

1. Mould manufacturing equipments 
In the aspect of mould manufacturing, the company has introduced the high technologies and equipments such as CNC, EDM, EC and milling and drilling machine. Currently, the annual output of various precise injection moulds reaches 300 sets, and the annual output of finished plastic moulds reaches 60 sets. 
2. Engineering plastic moulding 
In the aspect of precise engineering plastic moulding and manufacturing, the company has introduced the whole set of advanced injection moulding equipments, coating equipments and transfer printing equipments. Currently, the company is capable of manufacturing products with the mould clamping force ranging 25T-600T, and has completely mastered the 2-color injection moulding, transfer printing, hot stamping and surface coating technologies. 
3. Quality Test Equipments 
In the aspect of quality assurance, in order to ensure the high technology, high precision and high quality of products, and satisfy the clients, the company has introduced advanced test equipments such as spectrocolorimeter, trilinear coordinates measuring instrument and so on. 
4. Quality Management System 
Quality Management System: in order to keep pace with the internal management, the company passed the ISO9002-94 version international third party quality system certification certified by Swiss SGS Company in July 1998.
In 2002, the company adopted the ISO/TS16949 quality system and passed the ISO/TS16949:2002 and ISO/TS9001:2000 Quality Management System certification certified by Austria OQS in August 2003. 

The manufacturer of professional and precise injection mould and engineering plastic parts. 

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